The summertime heat has been climbing in Missoula! Even during the hottest weather, some people choose to travel with their pets. This is not a problem unless you need to leave your car during your trip. You may already know this, but it’s worth repeating to everyone: DO NOT leave your pets in cars on a warm day, especially in the summertime!

For example, it may be tempting to run a quick errand after your pet’s curbside visit to the vet, but you should absolutely take your pet home first. (A quick side-note here: at our clinic, you can request a drop-off appointment ahead of time, if you plan to run errands while your cat is being examined.) Cracking your windows isn’t good enough, and that quick errand may take longer than you anticipated. Leaving your car on with the air conditioner running may not be the most secure option either. There are charts that show how quickly cars heat up in the sunshine (like this one HERE,) and it’s easy to see how deceptively dangerous the situation can become.

If you should spot an animal locked in a car on a hot summer day, try to locate the owner. Take note of the vehicle’s information, and if possible, have the owner paged at a nearby business. If the owner cannot be found, contact animal control or the police non-emergency line. We DO NOT recommend breaking the car’s window yourself!

Thank you for listening, and we hope you all stay safe and cool out there! =^_^=