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The Five Senses According to Cats: Smell

While cats aren’t necessarily known for their sense of smell, they actually have an amazing olfactory system. They even have more scent receptors in their nose than the average dog (scent hounds not included). By comparison, cats have around 200 million scent receptors in their nose, while humans only have 5 million. Additionally, cats seem [...]

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The Five Senses According to Cats: Hearing

Just as unique as their eyes, a cat's ears are another marvel of feline adaptation. As with most everything else in cats, they are fine-tuned for hunting. Their ears actually have two functions: hearing and balance, but in this newsletter, we will focus on the hearing aspect. Anatomically, the most visible portion of a cat’s [...]

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The Five Senses According to Cats: Vision

Cats are well-known for the prowess of their reflexes, night vision and hearing, but how good are they really? How do they compare to human abilities? To find out, this newsletter will explore how cats perceive the world, and we’ll start by examining their eyesight. In order to help them survive, cats have eyes which [...]

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Holiday Donations

As 2018 comes to a close, we just want to share one quick, final newsletter for the year... Missoula Project Community Connect is an outstanding organization that has helped many people and their animals, and once again they are collecting donations for pets. They are looking for the following items: dog/cat food portable food/water bowls [...]

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