Do NOT Leave Pets in Hot Cars

The summertime heat has been climbing in Missoula! Even during the hottest weather, some people choose to travel with their pets. This is not a problem unless you need to leave your car during your trip. You may already know this, but it’s worth repeating to everyone: DO NOT leave your pets in cars on [...]

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Can Your Cat Stay Home Alone?

With the weather warming up and quarantine restrictions relaxing, people are thinking about taking trips again. Around Missoula, you needn’t travel far to experience the beautiful scenery, hiking, bicycling, camping, and numerous other activities Montana has to offer. However, unless your cat is trained to accompany you on such excursions, it’s probably a good idea [...]

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Cats, Quarantines, and COVID-19

As governments, schools, and businesses begin closing to inhibit the spread of this new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19), we also want to take a moment to address this issue. Since cats will still require medical attention during this time, Cats on Broadway will continue to remain open to serve you and your cats’ needs. As [...]

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Vaccines for Your Cat

Why should I vaccinate my cat? Vaccines for cats were developed to protect your pets and your family from contagious, deadly diseases. This is especially true of the rabies virus, which can be transmitted to humans from cats, dogs, bats, and a few other mammals. What vaccines are recommended for my cat? The American Association [...]

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November is National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month!

DIABETES: a dreaded diagnosis that no pet owner wants to hear. But, is it really all doom-and-gloom? The short answer is “NO.” Many cats can live full lives, especially if the disease is caught early. We have actually been seeing far fewer cases of diabetes as more owners are opting to feed more cat-appropriate diets, [...]

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