Companion-Laser-TherapyCats On Broadway Hospital is happy to offer Companion Laser Therapy at our veterinarian clinic!

What is laser therapy, you may ask? Simply put, it is a noninvasive, drug-free method of treating pain, reducing inflammation, and accelerating healing via use of a therapy laser. Many conditions can noticeably benefit from laser therapy, including arthritis, urinary system disorders, ear disorders, wounds, post-surgery incisions, and lots more!

laser-therapyLaser therapy is available right away for our feline friends and other small animals, and we are looking into making this treatment available to our canine companions, too! If you notice that your cat has become grouchy or unusually shy, there might be some discomfort which they cannot easily express to you. Often times, cats mask their pain well and don’t obviously limp around when they ache. Laser therapy can help!

If you think your pet might benefit from laser therapy sessions, give us a call at 406-728-0022 to find out more!


“Laser therapy helped my cat, taking her from being withdrawn and spending her days in a closet, to being an integral part of the family again. After each treatment, I saw improvement in her personality and mobility. She still moves with difficulty, and the treatments do not totally eliminate that, but do seem to reduce her stiffness and pain. She once again enjoys spending her days with the family~ sitting on laps, playing with string, walking outside, and in general being the cat in charge. I started out as a skeptic but now endorse it.”   — Nancy Arnold



“About three months ago, my thirteen year old cat, Kim, was diagnosed with extreme arthritis in her elbows and knees. She developed a severe limp in both back legs, making it extremely painful for her to stand up straight. As a result, she was unable to comfortably use the litter box, causing clumps of soiled litter to cling to her backside. She couldn’t get up and down the stairs without stopping halfway. In fact, she couldn’t walk anywhere without stopping every third or fourth step. She went outside less often, and stopped grooming herself on a regular basis. Whenever she jumped down off of a chair or table, her backside would just thump to the ground.

When Dr. Jenny told me about companion laser therapy, I was excited to give it a try, but hesitant due to the cost. Her recommendation was to begin therapy as soon as possible, with three sessions per week for the first month, followed by one per week, then one every two weeks and so on. I went ahead and scheduled the first 6 visits over the first two weeks, receiving the 6th visit free when I paid for 5 (score!). I brought Kim in every other day and started noticing an improvement immediately. She was able to put more and more pressure on her back feet after every visit, and after the first month, she was grooming herself again, going up and down the stairs without stopping (unless she wanted to) and using the litter box without bringing the mess out with her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not sprinting around the house or anything, but her limp has dissipated and there has been a definite improvement in her mood. We are down to one session every two weeks, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the results. Dr. Jenny and her staff are wonderful, they’ve put a slight spring back into my old girl’s step. If you’re wavering at all with this decision, I hope that this review will help you go for it. You won’t regret it.”  –Don Hebert



“Exceptional vet … caring and knowledgeable and my cats are very relaxed.  I have absolute confidence in Dr. Jenny and recommend Cats on Broadway highly.  My 16 year old cat has laser therapy every three weeks and has benefited greatly.  It is a joy to see her climb stairs without pain … she’s back to her special cat antics she did several years ago.  She loves her vet … absolutely amazing!!”  –Bonnie S.