MicrochippingMicrochipping is a safe, easy and affordable way to permanently identify your feline family member. This will help you to reunite with your feline friend if they should ever become lost. “Indoor only” cats are especially important to microchip as many will not know how to return home if they do get outside. ID (name) tags are unreliable as cats should ONLY wear break-away collars to prevent choking. Unfortunately, they break off easily and are frequently lost.

After microchipping it is important to remember to register your pets information. It is equally important to keep this information updated if you move or change phone numbers. One of the biggest reasons pets with chips are not recovered is that the owner can not be located.

Here at Cats On Broadway we use DATAMARS microfinder microchips. These are universal chips and are good for international travel. We also have a universal microchip scanner that will read ANY brand of microchip (some scanners will only read their particular brand of chips). If you find a lost cat or kitten always be sure to have it scanned for a microchip. At Cats On Broadway there is no charge to scan found animals.