We hope your New Year has been going great so far! We have a couple exciting announcements…

First, Cats On Broadway has gone digital!  We have upgraded our X-ray to a digital X-ray system. Why digital? For starters, it’s much faster than traditional film systems. Rather than having to wait for X-rays to develop, the picture almost instantly appears on a computer monitor. This means less stress for cats, as they don’t have to wait around on the X-ray table to see if a film turned out well. Digital X-rays also require less radiation to make an image, meaning the cats and technicians have reduced exposure. Of course, the biggest reason to go digital is that we just get a better X-ray.  We can get a much clearer and crisper image compared to old-fashioned film.

Second, we have installed a digital dental X-ray system. Why dental X-rays? As with people, many kitty tooth lesions lie below the gumline, and the only way to visualize the area is with an X-ray. Cats in general are prone to resorptive lesions, where the body literally breaks down the tooth. These can start above the gumline on the crown or below on the roots. Thus, the digital dental X-ray allows us to detect and address unseen problems with a kitty’s teeth.

Speaking of teeth, February is Pet Dental Health Month, and we’re offering $25 off all cat dentals for the month!  With this discount, now is the best time to get your kitty’s mouth checked.  Contact us today to setup a February dental appointment for your cat!