Halloween is nearly here!  It’s the time of year for dressing up in fun costumes and rushing your adrenaline with frightful scares.  You can decorate your home in unique and unusual ways, and there are tasty treats everywhere.

Your cat, however, won’t understand any of it.  Sure, your cat MIGHT wear a costume you picked out for the occasion, but otherwise, they’re just along for the ride.  For the sake of your kitty’s safety, we have a few reminders we’d like to share…

First and foremost, keep the candy treats away from your kitties.  Candies are not good for your cats!  At best, you’ll be cleaning up after your cat’s sick stomach, and at worst, your cat will become fatally poisoned.  Typically, cats show no interest in sweets such as chocolate, but certain mixtures could make them curious to try a bite.  Save yourself and your feline friend the hassle of an unplanned vet visit: NO candies for cats!

Secondly, keep tempting, tasseled Halloween decorations out of reach of cats.  Kitties are fascinated by strings and tassels that they can bat around and chew.  Unfortunately, some cats get carried away and swallow entire lengths of string.  This string can become bound up in their digestive tract, causing severe illness.  If left untreated long enough, a simple length of string can ultimately become deadly for your cat.  Keep the stringy décor up high and away from kitties!

Next, if you plan on having trick-or-treaters at your home, consider temporarily closing off your indoor cat in a separate part of the house.  Some cats won’t want anything to do with strangers at the door; however, other cats might see this as a prime opportunity to dash out the door.  As you can probably guess, chasing after your cat at night is not a fun thing to do.

Finally, we have a few closing tidbits:  NO, black cats are NOT scary or bad luck; leave them in peace for Halloween!  NO, Halloween is NOT an excuse to repeatedly scare your cat for fun; unlike humans, cats are not thrill-seekers for scares!  NO, your cat probably won’t enjoy wearing a Halloween costume, but you can give it a try at your own risk!

Please have a safe and enjoyable Halloween, and we’ll see you next month!  =^_^=