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Heartworm in Montana?

Many people have heard of heartworm disease but aren’t exactly sure what it is, so let’s review: Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal disease of dogs, cats, ferrets and certain wildlife, including wolves, coyotes, foxes and sea lions. It is caused by foot-long worms that live in the heart, lungs, and nearby blood [...]

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CBD Oil and Pets – The New Cure-all?

We have had several pet owners ask about giving CBD oil to their cats for various ailments. At the same time, many companies are popping up to sell hemp-based CBD online, and the oil can be found in many stores that sell herbal remedies and supplements. But, what actually is CBD oil?  Scientifically speaking, CBD is [...]

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Internet Pharmacies – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Everyone likes to save money, and that is no different when it comes to necessary medications and supplements. Veterinary (and human) medications can be costly, especially if a pet is on lifelong medications. Internet pharmacies may be a saving grace, but are you getting what you pay for? The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy [...]

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Refeeding Syndrome

Last month, we discussed the fatty liver and mentioned that, for some cats, food needs to be introduced slowly, or they could have worsening electrolyte abnormalities. This condition is called “refeeding syndrome.” It is a condition that can affect severely malnourished, underweight or starved animals once refeeding is started and can be life-threatening. So, how [...]

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Feeding Tubes – Not Just for Hospice

I have placed more than a few feeding tubes over the years, and I frequently get asked: “Isn’t that just for cats in hospice?”  The short answer is: “No.”  So, I wanted to use this month’s newsletter to explain the use of feeding tubes.  Why would a cat need a feeding tube? The most obvious [...]

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Springtime in the Rockies

Spring is in the air again, and many cats will be looking to go back outside or spend more time outdoors. While going outside is a great source of stimulation and activity, it can also hold a lot of potential dangers for our feline friends. Outdoor hazards such as rival cats, hostile wildlife, speeding cars, unkind [...]

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Meowslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: A How-To Guide

Last month, we discussed the hierarchy of needs for cats. This month, we will look at ways we can meet these needs for our feline family members. Remember: meeting all of these needs should lead to maximum happiness for your kitty!  The first (or base) layer of needs for cats is "Physiological and Safety”, or [...]

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