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Resorptive Lesions: The Insidious Dental Disease

National Dental Month is here!  In honor of this month, we will discuss the most common dental lesion seen in cats: Resorptive lesions. The term "resorptive lesion" (RL) has gone through several name changes throughout the years and has also been called cervical line lesion, cervical neck lesion, and feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORL). Some [...]

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The Happy, Healthy Mouth

Happy New Year to you all! I'll bet everyone made a resolution to help keep their cat's mouth healthy this year, right?! Luckily, February is National Dental Month! Why is every February dedicated to the awareness of dental health in pets? Because, animal dental health is often taken for granted. This is especially true for cats. [...]

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