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This month, we will look at the last of the “routine” surgeries that we commonly perform on cats: spaying.  For those who might not know, spaying is the removal of both the uterus and ovaries in a female cat. It is recommended that all female cats (that are not specifically going to be used for [...]

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Most people have heard that they should spay and neuter their pets. Neutering is recommended for all male cats that will not be used for breeding (note: intentional breeding should only be done for improvement of a particular breed), but why is it so important? Neutering has many benefits for both you and your cat. [...]

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Declawing – A Necessary Evil?

In recent cat news, the American Association of Feline Practitioners has taken a strong stance against declawing. While declawing does seem to be on the way out, we still get several inquiries a week from people asking about declawing their cat or kitten. While we are happy to say that we DO NOT perform declaws [...]

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Abscesses – The Unofficial Start of Spring

Now that spring is here, many cats will be spending more time outside. Thus, it is the unofficial start of abscess season. Cats most often develop an abscess due to fighting with (or running away from) another cat; although, any small puncture can potentially lead to an abscess. This means indoor cats can still develop [...]

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Springtime Plants – Beautiful and Sometimes Deadly

It has been a few years since I have done a newsletter on toxic plants. As the spring season approaches, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about the dangers of poisonous plants, both inside and outside the home. Below are a few of the more common toxic plants that can [...]

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