Keep your kitty safe this Christmas!

'Tis the Season for Holiday Hazards Keep your kitty safe this Christmas! We are going to take a brief break this month before finishing the last part of the diet series. Let's talk about potential toxins and hazards of the holiday season. Winter is a potentially dangerous time for pets, especially those that live or [...]

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Cats Are Carnivores, Part 3: Carbohydrates

So far, we have already discussed how cats are unique in their metabolism and utilization of proteins. This month, we will discuss how felines are just as equally unique in their lack of metabolism and utilization of carbohydrates. Cats have several developmental adaptations that prevent them from utilizing carbohydrates and starches. Starting in the mouth, [...]

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Cats Are Carnivores Series Part 2: Fat and Protein

A cat’s natural diet is high in protein with moderate amounts of fat. However, for cats, all proteins are not equal (plant protein vs. animal protein). They are strict carnivores and rely on nutrients in animal tissues to meet their specific and unique nutritional requirements. This does not mean that cats cannot use carbohydrates as [...]

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Cats Are Carnivores Series Part 1: Overview

Cats Are Carnivores Part 1: Overview As we all know, nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining health and longevity in people and our animal friends. I am often asked, “What is the best food for my cat?” The “best” food would be what they would eat naturally: small rodents, lizards, birds and insects. Realistically, [...]

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What to expect when momma cat is expecting... We're well into June already, which means we are now into kitten season! Most cats will have kittens just fine on their own, and most strays will avoid humans during this time. However, if your cat (or a friendly neighborhood stray) becomes pregnant, here are a few [...]

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A Brief History of the Domestic Cat

Domestic cats evolved uniquely compared to other domestic animal species. Cats only became useful to people when we began to settle down and store surplus crops. Humans may, at first, have simply tolerated and then actively encouraged the cats to hang around and essentially guard those stores. Over time, people favored cats with more docile [...]

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Lily Safety for Cats

Lilies are lethal for your feline friend! As the Easter season approaches, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about the dangers of lily toxicosis. All Lilies are toxic to our feline friends, but I will focus on lilies belonging to Lillium and Hemerocallis species (Stargazers, tiger lilies, Easter lilies, daylilies, [...]

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